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Welcome to our bakery!  I'm Rhonda White, the owner (known around my house as "Mom").  

I have always had a passion for baking.  Baking from Scratch was introduced to me by my Grandma when

I was a little girl.  She always had something sweet to eat under a cake cover in the middle of her kitchen table.  It has always made me happy to bake for others and have them enjoy my creations as I did my Grandma's.  When I became a Mom, I wanted to make my Boy's birthdays, holidays and other events special and memorable.  I took a cake decorating class and worked on my skills in baking and recipe creating.  For 20 plus years I have designed Gourmet Cakes and baked endless amounts of cookies for family and friends.  My desire is to share this passion for baking in hopes that you and your family and friends will enjoy these sweet creations as well.

My husband was also introduced by his Grandma to "Ring Cookies", an Italian baking tradition in his family.  We wanted our Boy's to know that tradition as well, so for years during the holidays, my Sister-in-law and I would make Italian Ring Cookies for family and friends.  These time consuming cookies would have us baking all day and into the night.  These cookies have created lots of memories through out the years.  

With the combination of what our Grandma's brought to our lives we have opened a Licensed Bakery to offer you these scratch baked desserts.  We hope our Cookies and Cakes will be a part of the special memories in your life.  

Blessings to you and yours!

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